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The Fisheries Committee investigates and advises the Board and our membership about new and emerging issues affecting the Bay in the areas of aquaculture, water-based invasive species, and the commercial and residential fishing industry to help protect and preserve the fisheries along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay.


What is GBA Doing?

  • GBA monitors legislation and provides feedback to the provincial and federal government on fishing and ballast regulations
  • GBA reports on the latest invasive species affecting native fisheries in Georgian Bay

What Can You Do?

  • Know and follow the most current fishing guidelines: Ontario Fishing Regulations
  • Learn to identify and take steps to prevent the propagation of invasive species


In this section, find out:

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Don’t Let Them Catch a Ride

Don’t Let Them Catch a Ride is part of Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program see In partnership with the Federation of Anglers and Hunters, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Federation (FOCA) created a new aquatic invasive species sign for outdoor installation at marinas and boat launching sites. Signs are available to all FOCA members including Georgian Bay cottagers’ associations.

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