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Support Important GBA Initiatives.
Support Important GBA Initiatives. Support GBA



Mandate and Priorities


  • Lobby government ministries in order to move the aquaculture industry to environmental sustainable practices
  • Monitor the progression of US and Canadian Legislation on Aquaculture
  • Attend government and industry sessions that focus on aquaculture and/ or phosphorus in the Great Lakes
  • Provide open communication and liaison between the GBA . First Nation Bands, and other NGO’s (Great Lakes United, David Suzuki Foundation, Sea Choice, Ontario Nature, etc.) who share concerns about open cage aquaculture in the Great Lakes basin.
  • Monitor Provincial postings for license applications and regulation changes for Cage Aquaculture and submit comments.
  • Educate the GBA Association members on the issues regarding cage aquaculture

Invasive Species

  • In coordination with Georgian Bay Forever, prepare to actively lobby at all levels of Government when US legislation for ballast water treatment on ocean vessels is passed.
  • Support the education of GBA association members on
    • How to identify new invasive species
    • Impact of invasive species on their local aquatic environment
    • Steps to prevent the spread of invasive species

Native Fisheries

  • Liaise with the Georgian Bay Biosphere (GBB) on native fisheries projects
  • Monitor and lobby the MNR on fisheries issues
  • Educate members of the cottager’s associations on:
    • Local fisheries initiatives (eg. bass nests, walleye restoration), cormorants, commercial fisheries, MNR studies and updated fishing regulation

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Don’t Let Them Catch a Ride

Don’t Let Them Catch a Ride is part of Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program see www.invadingspecies.com. In partnership with the Federation of Anglers and Hunters, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Federation (FOCA) created a new aquatic invasive species sign for outdoor installation at marinas and boat launching sites. Signs are available to all FOCA members including Georgian Bay cottagers’ associations.

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