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Membership Mandate & Focus

Committee Mandate

To increase membership in the GBA.


To conduct background work which allows the committee to better understand the current membership practices of the member associations and to uncover potential new membership practices and or best practices which will assist in meeting the committee’s mandate.

To provide appropriate services to member associations, as required/requested, which will assist them in retaining and attracting new members.

To prepare a budget for Board approval at the beginning of the year and to manage the activities of the committee within that budget.

To bring forward recommendations to the Board or to a Committee for action to ensure that the mandate is carried out and assist the Executive on membership issues as required.

Membership – Focus

Social Media

The communications committee have developed new GBA social media channels and a regular eNewsletter to provide services to member associations, such as distributing their calendars, promoting events such as regattas, and encouraging non-members to join their local association. The membership committee will provide info to the associations to develop their own social media channels, if required/requested. One of the main purposes of which is to engage the younger generations. All members of all member associations can assist the GBA significantly by signing up for the eNewletter here and asking their families members, and friends, to sign up, even if they are not GBA members.

Expanded participation on Membership Committee

In early 2016, the membership committee reached out to all the GBA members associations and asked their membership chairs to join the committee. Regular webex/conference calls are now being held and the minutes of those discussion are attached in the “Available Documents” section to the right. The level of participation and the wide ranging discussions have proven to be of value to member associations by providing numerous ideas on how membership numbers can be improved and existing members retained.


New Associations

There is a long term policy to attract additional members associations to join GBA from local community organizations that are located on Georgian Bay and who share GBA values and priorities.


Tip Sheets

The membership discussions mentioned above have surfaced the need for tip sheets on various membership related topics. Tip sheets will be developed as required to provide summary information in a user friendly format.

Oct 2, 2017 – PayPal Tip Sheet – 

May 15, 2017 – Membership Primer – “What Works” – 


Family Memberships

In 2015 GBA amended its bylaws to allow an additional GBA membership category for associations, which GBA calls a Family Membership, but associations can style in whatever way is appropriate, such as Junior, Associate, Alternative etc. The amendment allows full flexibility for associations with regard to structure and pricing. Many associations have now established additional membership categories, many of which are aimed at persuading the younger generations to get involved.


Committee Members

Chair – David Sharpe, Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association

GBA Board Members:

Mike Berton – Pointe au Baril Islanders Association
Marc Cooper – Communication Liaison/Coordinator – West Carling
Michael Dymond – Honey Harbour
Stephen Sprague – South Channel Association

Association Members:

Patrick Thoburn – Bay of Islands Community
Sara Carter – Bayfield-Nares Islanders’ Association
Andy Metelka – Blackstone Lake
Sue Carter – Cognashene Cottagers
Susan Maynard – Honey Harbour
Kathy Marshman – Key River Area
Nick Harrison – Mad Club at Go Home Bay
Liz Drayton – Manitou
Heather Gagnon – McGregor Bay
Sara Mierke – NGBA
Erica Allen – Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association
Eric Armour – Sans Souci & Copperhead
Luc Voorn – South Channel Association
Brett Harris – Twelve Mile Bay
Gord Forstner – Wah Wah Taysee
Donna Tucker – West Carling
Reg Mcguire – Woods Bay


Available Documents

April 2019 AGM/ Presidents meeting Communications Committee Presentation

Minutes May 3 2018 Full GBA Membership Committee Conference Call

October 24, 2017 GBA Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017 GBA Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2016 GBA Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2016 GBA Membership Committee Meeting Minutes


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