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Georgian Bay Association Mandate:

To represent the interests of our member associations to all levels of government (Municipal, Provincial, Federal, First Nations and regulatory authorities) and others to preserve the unique characteristics, and ensure the careful stewardship, of Georgian Bay.

The mission of the Georgian Bay Association:

is to work with our water-based communities and other stakeholders to ensure the careful stewardship of the greater Georgian Bay environment.

What is the Georgian Bay Association?

The Georgian Bay Association (GBA) is more than just a group of like-minded individuals. In fact, as a not-for-profit umbrella advocacy organization, we represent the combined voice of 19 community associations. That is over 3,000 families along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay, with our communications and publications reaching around 18,000 individuals.

With that much support, we can advocate for real action to all levels of government that benefits us all. The GBA dedicates itself to preserving the incredible, yet fragile, wilderness and waterways that make the Bay so enjoyable for you, your family, friends, visitors, and countless generations to come.

We know how much Georgian Bay and your cottage mean to you. After all, we’re cottagers too. It is this shared passion and commitment to the Bay that gave rise to the GBA in 1916. And the GBA continues to thrive today, serving as an advocacy group consisting of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to help protect the Bay and its environment. That not only includes the Bay and its beautiful setting, but also your cottage and its picture-postcard-perfect surroundings.

For thousands of us, this special place represents family, history, nature, memories and the hope of renewal that arrives with each new season. That is a bond and a legacy worth protecting and preserving.

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