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Henvey Inlet 2018 Fire

Please see a letter sent to the Ontario Government by GBA shortly after this fire started: Letter. The day after this letter was sent all construction on the Henvey Inlet windfarm and transmission line project ceased. GBA followed up with an article in our fall UPDATE issue: UPDATE Fall 2018 article.

MNRF Fire Ratings

GBA is discussing issues regarding how the MNRF fire ratings are calculated as we feel that the current system is not producing sufficiently robust fire ratings when conditions are very dry – in fact it is highly erratic and thereby allows inappropriate construction work to be carried out in dangerously dry conditions, which increases fire risk and impinges on public safety. See: UPDATE Fall 2018 article.

Two useful fire rating links are the Ontario Forest Fire Info Map: Link

and the Natural Resources Map: Link

Fire Safety

GBA is in the process of compiling a best practices manual containing tips on how to avoiding starting fires, and also the best ways to promptly deal with a fire that has broken out. Fire Safety content will be updated soon with this information. In the meantime, MNRF have produced a useful guide for Ontario residents, most of which is applicable for Georgian Bay cottagers. See: Home-Owners-FireSmart-Manual-MNR-publication

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