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Fire Prevention Tips

Last summer’s tinder-dry conditions in Georgian Bay, along with the Key River fire, have brought fire risk into sharp focus for GBA members. We conducted a survey with member associations to find out what everyone is doing to respond to fires so we can learn from each other. GBA put together a great source article, Hot Tips on Responding to Fires, on many aspects of fire safety in the Summer edition of Update.

In addition, GBA has created printable fire prevention tips below to prevent fires both inside and outside of the cottage:



Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. From homeowners, to industry, to government, we all have the responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfires. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) have developed FireSmart, a program about living with and managing for wildfire. FireSmart educates us on preventative measures to reduce the threats of wildfire.

Additional information:

  • The Homeowner’s FireSmart Manual,
  • National Fire Protection Association has an informative video with tips on how to protect your property from wildfires and the
  • Municipality of Killarney also has a FireSmart slide show presentation which can be accessed here.

Ministry of Natural Resources Community Outreach

The MNRF, as part of their community outreach, is happy to make presentations to groups like our associations and their neighbours to educate the community about fire. If your group is interested in having them address your AGM or even a stand-alone session, please contact them to arrange a presentation. They can tailor the presentation to meet your time constraints, but suggest that allocating an hour or so would be a good place to start given the importance of the subject, the volume of information available, and the likelihood that there will be many questions.


Simon Ethier
Northeast Regional Fire Advisor and FireSmart Advisor

Please note that if you have specific questions it would be helpful to notify Simon in advance. Also note that there is a risk that the presentation may have to be postponed or cancelled if there are active forest fires and therefore more immediate demands for the MNRF personnel.


MNRF Fire Ratings

Useful Fire Rating links:

Ontario Interactive Forest Fire Info Map and other Fire Information
Ontario Outdoor Fire Restrictions Info
Natural Resources Canada Interactive Map


Additional Articles and Submissions

Henvey Inlet 2018 Fire

This web page is intended for general information purposes only. While we have attempted to provide information that is helpful for our readers, GBA accepts no legal liability for the contents of this web page. Ensure you check original sources of information on fire prevention and response for further details and updates. Check details of the general liability provisions of your insurance coverage if you are involved in providing or supporting firefighting equipment, planning or advice. For advice regarding your insurance needs or liability insurance coverage, please contact your insurance broker.


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