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GBA Membership Benefits

As a member of the GBA, Association members have additional benefits from our corporate supporters. These benefits include:

Insurance (Rice Insurance)

Rice Insurance provides a 15% discount on GBA members’ personal insurance, which extends beyond your cottage and boats to home and auto;

Coleman Canada and Stearns Products – Special Discount Offer

The Georgian Bay Association is a member of the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC).  The CSBC is in the business of promoting safe and responsible boating throughout Canada and works closely with leaders within the national and regional offices of boating safety to bring about changes that make boating on Canadian waterways both safer and more enjoyable.

CSBC members–and thus, all GBA members–are entitled to an amazing 40% discount off the price of many Coleman Canada outdoor products and Stearns lifejackets.  That means you and all your association members!

How to access the discount:

  1. Go to the Coleman’s website https://www.colemancanada.ca and locate outdoor recreational products that interest you. (Make sure to click on the Stearns logo at the top of the page to see the wide range of child and adult lifejackets!) Make a note of the product name and the Item# for each item that interests you (tip: the Item# comes up after you click on the picture of the product in question). Product prices are not provided on either the Coleman or Stearns sites.
  2. For pricing, visit: https://csbc.ca/en/about-us-alias/627-coleman-stearns-discount-program   CLICK THE LINK for the PRICE LIST, and then enter the password provided by your Association to access the list.
  3. Found something you like? Record the details, and place your order by email, using the instructions on that same CSBC webpage.
  4. You’ll be contacted to call the offer representative, Carolyn Shepherd, to provide credit card details to complete your order, which will be shipped to you by Purolator.

Automated External Defibrillators (Action First Aid)

Action First Aid is offering a ~20% discount on Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), offers good after-sales support & information, and will travel to the Bay to provide informative presentations/training sessions if requested.


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