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Action Plan 2030

The Action Plan to Protect the Great Lakes (Action Plan 2030) is an initiative of  a 10-year, 100 million dollar a year strategy to protect the Great Lakes and those who live by them from four major threats:

  • climate change
  • toxics exposure
  • harmful algal blooms
  • contaminated beaches

By targeting sources of pollution having the worst impact and helping communities at greatest risk, the Action Plan proposes
fifteen strategic and surgical interventions using new kinds of collaboration, technologies and big data.

Action Plan 2030 calls on the Governments of Canada, in collaboration with the Government of Ontario, to invest in and deliver fifteen critical actions to protect the Great Lakes and to commit to $100 million-a-year, for 10 years, to implement them.

Read the Action Plan summary here or the full Action Plan 2030 here.

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