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Bill 23 

Yet again the Ford government has tried to stifle public comment on a wide-ranging and impactful Bill by providing a ridiculously short timeline, and an extremely complicated process, for public comment. Bill 23 will significantly undermine environmental protections and remove safeguards in the planning approval process, such as making it more challenging for municipalities to oppose development applications. Nonetheless, GBA, many municipalities, all the relevant NGOs, and others have put together submissions requesting changes to the Bill to preserve vital environmental protections and oppose changes to the planning approval process.

Critical commentary on Bill 23 has been wide-ranging since the potential impacts are a major step backwards for environmental protections at a time when we should be moving forward to address climate change threats. The changes to the planning approval process and other measures that favor property developers, including many who have provided strong financial support to Ford’s conservatives, is particularly worrying. Everyone recognizes the need for more housing, particularly affordable housing, to address the current shortfall and the steady influx of new Canadians into Ontario, but this Bill is not the right way to address the issue, and calling it a “crisis” is disingenuous, given the quantity of developable land currently available.

How can you help?

The Ford government recently passed Bill 23, however, the consultation process has not yet been completed. There is still time for critical changes to be made to Bill 23 and your voice will help. Please consider sending an email to your MPP today to voice your concerns. Clicking below will allow you to send an email to your local MPP to ask them to make changes to Bill 23 which will protect our natural areas and biodiversity. If you are not a resident of Ontario you can weigh in by using the postal code of your Georgian Bay residence, which is often the nearest post office.



Submissions on Bill 23

More Information and Press Coverage of Bill 23


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