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Georgian Bay boasts some of the most exceptional freshwater boating in the world. A beautiful playground filled with inlets, bays, coves, and islands to explore, the Bay is a boaters dream. A wide variety of users frequent Georgian Bay waters including kayakers, anglers, hunters, cruising boaters, day sailors, canoeists, tradespersons, guests and tenants as well as permanent and seasonal residents. Our water-based and largely water-access community necessitates sharing our water resources. All users of Georgian Bay share the same concerns about safe enjoyment and protection of our waterways.

However you choose to cruise Georgian Bay waters, safe and responsible boating is paramount for all of our mutual enjoyment. Two great resources are Navigating our Waters which is a comprehensive guide to boating and safety on the Bay and Georgian Bay for Everyone which is a simple guide to boating etiquette developed cooperatively by GBA and Boating Ontario.

Boating Safety Resources:

Apps for on the Water:



Buoys and Navigation:


Additional Articles and Resources:


GBA works closely with the Ministry of Transportation and is a member of the following organizations which provide additional resources for boaters:


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