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Communications Committee

Communications – Focus


Publication of UPDATE three times per year on a timely basis, but accommodating breaking news whenever practical.

Managing the advertising content of UPDATE to ensure high quality ads of interest to our readers and sufficient revenue to cover the publication and printing costs.

Inclusion of a broad spectrum of news from all corners of the Bay that is of general interest to our readership and covers the priority issues.

Liaison with our partners on the Bay – the other members of the GB4 – to ensure that their priorities receive appropriate coverage.

Preserving the quality of the editorial content & design and making improvements where possible.


Website/Social Media

Ensuring that the website and Facebook content is kept up-to-date and contains useful information for our member associations, partners and others who may visit the site.

Preserving the quality of the content & design and making improvements where possible.

Please note that we are always open to suggestions and content from all our partners, member associations and their members to achieve the above objectives for both UPDATE and the website.




External Communications

Review of letters and submissions sent out by the GBA on our major files, as required and where practical.


Committee Mandate:

To develop, review and oversee the execution of an external communications strategy for the organization that maintains and enhances the professional reputation of the organization, and is consistent with the GBA vision (To represent the interests of our member associations in the Georgian Bay area to all levels of government and others to preserve the unique characteristics of this area)..



To review policy regarding external communications materials, and assist in the coordination of same, including UPDATE, the website and Facebook.

To prepare for Board approval, finalize following Board comments and implement an annual external communications plan, including a budget for Update, advertising rules, Facebook and the website.

To bring forward recommendations to the Board or to a Committee for action to ensure that the mandate is carried out and assist the Executive on external communications as required.

To support the development of the Brand/logo and ensure there is a consistent use of same in all external communications.


Committee Members:

Chair – Rolfe Jones, UPDATE Editor

Eric Armour – Web Editor
John Carson – Past UPDATE Editor
Allison Needham – Advertising Manager
Jamie Drayton – Social Media
Liz Phillips – Deputy UPDATE Editor
Doug Whitton – Interactive Design


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