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Support Important GBA Initiatives.
Support Important GBA Initiatives. Support GBA


Government Affairs are handled by the Executive Director with direction and guidance from the Executive Committee. There will be times where dedicated Ad Hoc Committees are formed to address specific items and opportunities.

Executive Committee Members

Chair: John Carson

Rolfe Jones
Liz Philips
John Maynard
David Matthews
John Lavis
David Sharpe

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Going off the Grid

GBA Primer  With Hydro Rates ever increasing in Ontario and particularly in rural locations where there are long transmission distances, some people are considering going off the grid. To this end we are providing the following information and advice as well as some contact information for solar specialists along the Bay. The reason we have not included information on wind power is the potential ongoing maintenance of these (moving parts) in remote locations. Some of the specialists that we list are also knowledgeable on wind power and can provide their advice in this regard. Off-grid...


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