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What Can I Do?

The GBA has written several Primers to help understand about water-related issues such as controlling phosphorous and other nutrients so they don’t affect water quality. See the following Primers: Septic Tanks 101, Nutrients and your Watershed, and Waste Systems. As well it’s important to ensure your cottage has good garbage and recycling habits. We encourage everyone to see just how much waste gets disposed of and see their local landfill site. It will change the way you think about waste.

Boating too has a great impact on water quality. Best practises for boating include:

  • Dumping black water in any of the Great Lakes is illegal. Pumpout facilities must be used.
  • Don’t let invasive species on board. See:
  • Large and small boats should be well maintained. Use marinas that have an Ontario Clean Boating Marina Program Certification

Certification Info

Here is the directory of Marinas that are Clean Marine certified: Here

A useful course is the Boat Canada Course . See:

  • Lastly, if you have a concern about a vessel discharging black water into the Great Lakes, call Marine Safety Transport Canada, the RCMP, the OPP or Municipal police (if, or where this is). In the Parry Sound area the Marine Safety Inspector, Brian Kennedy, can be reached at 705-774-9250
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