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Phragmites Network

The Phragmites Network has been formed to provide a forum for discussion amongst representatives from each of the GBA associations. The purpose is to exchange information and ideas on the best practices for controlling and eradicating this invasive common reed that is raising much concern over its coastal effects along the shoreline, inlets, islands and marsh environments of eastern and northern Georgian Bay.

Committee Mandate:

Investigate and advise the GBA Board about Phragmites on the Bay.

To be a liaison for GBA with other organizations, including but not limited to; GBF, Ontario Phragmites Working Group and the MNRF; to help develop educational material and control/eradication and disposal protocols for property owners along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay.


  1. To conduct background work that clarifies best management practices around the identification, control and eradication of Phragmites on Georgian Bay.
  2. To work with and partner with other like-minded organizations in order to accomplish this goal.
  3. To remain current on all legislation, existing and new that is explicit to the eradication of Phragmites on the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay.
  4. To present recommendations for Board action, together with rationales based on the research.

Committee Members

The Phragmites Working Group members are:

Georgian Bay Forever Heather Sargeant
12 Mile Bay Ray Boots
Bayfield Nares Frank Pointner
Bay of Islands Michael Dewson
Blackstone Lake Rob Moos
Cognashene Sandy Thompson
Honey Harbour Kathryn Davis
Key River TBD
Madawaska Club Kelly Killoran
Manitou Tom Pinkham
McGregor Bay TBD
Northern Georgian Bay TBD
Pointe au  Baril Scott Sheard

Jane Wilkins

Sans Souci Copperhead Tom Denune

Peter Andras

South Channel Peter Adams
Wah Wah Taysee TBD
West Carling TBD
Woods Bay Sue McPhedran (Chair)


Minutes of Phragmites Network Conference Calls: ; Click Here – June 2018 Minutes Click Here – June 2018 Notes

Report by Katherine Denune on Phragmites in South Township of the Archipelago: Click Here

GBA and GBF 2018 flyer on Phragmites: Click Here

Link to Georgian Bay Forever comprehensive information on Phragmites:

Other News

October 2021

Sewage Overflow Into Georgian Bay at Collingwood

For more than 14 hours, some wastewater overflowed at the Collingwood wastewater treatment facility and was discharged into Georgian Bay without going through the treatment process. The town announced a "full treatment bypass" occurred on Sept. 23, lasting 14.5 hours. There was also a "partial bypass" for 21.5 hours during rainstorms the next week. - The incidence of untreated wastewater getting into Georgian Bay is going to get worse year on year with climate change impacts. This recent occurrence reinforces the need for coastal Great Lakes municipalities to have the funding and expertise made available to them by the provincial government to improve their infrastructure in order to cope with increasingly violent storm surges and prevent overflows. - Read about the incident here. -

October 2021

October 17 Water Levels Report

This month outflows from Lake Superior into the St. Mary’s River are predicted to be below average, not above average as they have been for almost 3 years prior to the spring of 2021. This shows that, under Plan 2012 balancing, the flow into Lake Michigan-Huron continues to be reduced. Lake Michigan-Huron continues to be below the level it was at this time last year – see first graph below. All the lakes are now lower than they were at this time last year. - From a month ago the water levels on Lakes Michigan-Huron, St Clair and Ontario are down 1, 2 & 1 inches respectively and Lakes Superior & Erie are up 1 inch. Lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, St Clair, Erie &, are lower by 9, 13, 6 & 1 inches, respectively, and Lake Ontario is 3 inches higher, than the

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