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Be Bear Wise

At the cottage:

  • Do not feed the birds or any wild animals.
  • Dispose of garbage often – municipal dumpsters or landfill and eliminate odours from garbage containers (freeze fish & meat or use secure, bear resistant containers is disposal is delayed.
  • Keep the BBQ grill and drip tray clean.
  • Feed pets indoors – not on deck or porch.
  • Do not leave food out on tables or counter tops – not even if packaged.
  • Do not leave candles, lotions, insect repellents or other fragrant products outside or near open windows or doors.


  While walking/hiking

  • Take a whistle, air horn, bear spray, walking stick, cell phone.
  • Make a noise while walking to let the bear know you’re there – bells, whistling, talking, singing.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings – listen and look for bears and their signs i.e. large overturned rocks, scratch marks on trees, droppings etc.
  • Control pets or keep them on a leash.

 If you see a bear:

  • Stay calm and slowly back away while watching the bear. Do not turn and run! Black bears prefer to avoid people.
  • If he approaches, stop, drop any food you may have, shout and try to look big by raising your arms, continuing to back up whenever the bear stops (watch him but avoid eye contact as he thinks this is a challenge)
  • If he continues, use your whistle or horn, wave your arms and throw sticks or rocks or whatever is handy
  • If the bear keeps coming, stand your ground, use the bear spray and anything you have to distract him while continuing to shout loudly
  • If he makes contact, yell, scream and fight with all you have




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