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Water Committee Mandate & Priorities


  • To Monitor issues affecting the short- and long-term health effects of the waters along the eastern and northern Georgian Bay and liaise with other organizations in finding solutions to threats to the water system.



  • To position GBA as a strong voice and advocate for action on water quality (drinking water, recreational and ecosystem) and quantity in the Middle Lakes.
  • To stay current with government activities and NGO activities as they relate to water quality and water levels in Georgian Bay.
  • Support municipalities (TGB, ToA) and organizations (GB5 and others) to fund, research to understand and conduct long-term testing to monitor point source pollution, wetland health and water ecosystem (chemistry and nutrients).
  • Support research about impacts of water level fluctuations and research into various controls that could be used to moderate such fluctuations


2018 Plans and Objectives

  • Survey our local associations to find out what water testing is now being done after the recommendations of the GBA fall 2015 and our survey in 2013.
  • Inquire of other organizations to find out what water testing is being done by other
  • Share our findings (of the 2 above actions) and specifically explain how people can be involved (working with LPP, GBF, GBB or other) in an UPDATE article, or primer or other mechanism
  • Improve communication about water quality within the GBA
  • Share the Army Corps of Engineers water level information on a weekly basis
  • Find a suitable Georgian Bay representative willing to sit on the Muskoka Watershed Council
  • Increase the dialogue about source water protection
  • Improve dialogue about water science with GBF (between ED’s and between Presidents)
  • Create composting toilet primer, and any other short primers to assist cottagers
  • Participate in the Georgian Bay Science Forums or other symposiums (with other organizations such as the GBBR and the GBF)
  • Attend 4th Annual Indigenous Lands and Resource Management Conference, Magnetawan (Mar 2018)
  • Attend Safe Quiet Lakes annual meeting, Rosseau (April 2018)
  • Presentation about water quality to a local association (McGregor Bay, Aug 2018, Anne)
  • Consider attending the Latornell Conservation Symposium Nov, Nottawasaga (registration fee required)
  • Work with FOCA and OOWA to advocate for improved septic inspections and
    maintenance – Rick invited to present at a GBA BM
  • Assist in putting together Fall Public Meeting with “Water” as the theme.
  • Planned:
  • Meet with David Sweetnam, GBF, re water science, April 24th 2017
  • Telephone discussion and participation in the Muskoka Stewardship Conference, May 12th 2017
  • Primer: Pump outs and locations, including mapping
  • Primer: Burn barrels and their chemical hazards
  • Primer: Water protection best practices (especially phosphorous)
  • Primer: Composting toilets & decomposition best practices
  • Attend Muskoka Watershed Council’s 50 Shades of Green Conference (May)

Committee Members

Chair: John Lavis

Andrew Hurlbut
Andy Metelka
Alan Waffle
Katherine Denune
Jim Carson

Available Documents:

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