GBA Update - Summer 2020

2 ≥ GBA UPDATE Summer 2020 Continued from page 1 citizens in these communities, property owners and taxpayers. Many of us are more involved in our Georgian Bay communities and their municipal issues than we are in the cities and towns where our main residence is located. We should be treated as such, when the time is right to start re-opening Ontario. We believe that municipalities and local businesses in the region will be our natural allies on this issue of access, but only when they are comfortable that the seasonal rise in residents in their areas can be accommodated safely and with minimal risk. That means accessing cottages needs to be a low-risk activity; while some risk of further outbreaks of the virus will still exist, control measures will undoubtedly need to remain in place. Everyone must be responsible for limiting risk by following the provincial and local social distancing rules at their marinas, local businesses and seasonal residences. We can also expect that each marina and business will set their own rules according to their needs and circumstances. In the spring, local First Nations communities in the region severely restricted or prohibited access to their lands by non- residents to prevent spread of COVID-19 to their communities. These steps were not only understandable, but also necessary. We must continue to respect the rules set down by First Nations in the area, especially where access to cottages is through or on First Nations’ lands. As of mid-April, the situation is a moving target with a great deal of uncertainty on how events will unfold. We all hope that by the summer the authorities are able to determine that the risk level has abated sufficiently to resume certain activities that will not only enable us to enjoy our cottages then, but more importantly enable everyone to start to repair the incalculable damages this pandemic has caused. Until then, please keep well, stay safe, and continue to observe provincial rules and take appropriate steps to limit the risk so that hopefully we can enjoy a safe summer on the Bay. 2020 GBA Board of Directors Association Director Association Director Bay of Islands Liz Phillips McGregor Bay Bill Steiss Blackstone Lake Andy Metelka McGregor Bay Doug Whitton BNIA John Lavis Northern Georgian Bay Freda Klassen BNIA Doug Ferguson PaBIA Dave Sharpe Cognashene David Matthews PaBIA Mike Berton Cognashene Rolfe Jones Sans Souci & Copperhead Katherine Denune Honey Harbour Mike Dymond Sans Souci & Copperhead Eric Armour Honey Harbour John Maynard South Channel Steven Sprague Key River Andrew Hurlbut Twelve Mile Bay Brett Harris Madawaska Club Jan Wishart Wah Wah Taysee John Carson Manitou Jamie Drayton West Carling Marc Cooper Woods Bay Susan McPhedran Officers of the Georgian Bay Association President John Carson Executive Vice President Rolfe Jones Treasurer John Maynard Secretary Liz Phillips New Board of Directors Your Board of Directors contributes significant amounts of their time to all the activities that keep the GBA working on your behalf. The following slate of directors was approved and voted in at the GBA’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday April 4, 2020.