GBA 2020 - Fall Update

Your time on The Bay is too precious to trust it to just anyone. From the very finest products, to our award winning customer excellence, for 60 years, Payne Marine in Pointe au Baril has been helping families love life on The Bay. Our passion for exceeding your expectations is what sets us apart. Call or email to learn more about this amazing craft P 705-366-2296 E D E A L E R Five Star Scout 215 Dorado NEW MODEL L ike the iconic Georgian Bay windswept pine which perseveres on the seemingly bald granite, only to become stronger each and every year, the people of Georgian Bay are much the same. They know adversity all to well, yet find ways to overcome and conquer. From unforgiving west winds, ongoing water quality concerns, drastic changes in water levels, development pressures, the list goes on and on. The challenges for those who know and love the bay are many. Covid 19 is yet another challenge that somehow brings out the best in us. Working tirelessly with your fellow cottagers, local businesses, public health departments and municipalities, you have demonstrated that we CAN and we WILL, move on to sunnier days ahead on The Bay. After 60 years in business, we too are much like the lonesome pine on a barron rock. We are strong, we are resiliant, we are adaptable, and we are incredibly well rooted. Proudly here for the future thanks to you.