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Committee Mandate:

To investigate and advise the Board about new and emerging issues affecting the Bay in the areas of aquaculture, native fisheries and water-based invasive species and to be a liaison with the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council to help protect and restore the fisheries along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay


To conduct background work that clarifies the dimensions and policy environment of issues concerning aquaculture, native fisheries and invasive species and to liaison with the Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Council. The committee will also liaise and partner with other like minded organizations in order to accomplish its goals.

To remain current on all legislation, existing and new, that is explicit to the eastern and northern Georgian Bay fisheries and to report back to the Board on such.

To present recommendations for Board action, together with rationales based on the research.

Committee Members

Chair : Bill Steiss

Andy Metelka

Available Documents:

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