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Seasonal Safety Reminders

Spring means heading to the cottage and getting it into tiptop shape for a summer of fun. Before loading up your vehicle and heading out, check out these important and timely reminders.

Opening the Cottage

Here are the top 10 safety tips as you prepare to head up to the cottage, and after you get there:

  1. Check your car’s lights, signals, tire pressure and fluids before the trip to the cottage.
  2. Check your first-aid kit and replace any missing supplies. Need a refresher on what to have on hand? West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation has a great guide on what to stock here.
  3. Check and maintain cottage smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors. Fireproof Your Life has some great additional information on fire safety.
  4. Check the condition of boat(s), including fuel lines and tanks, and make sure all required safety equipment is on board and in good repair.
  5. Remove dry leaves and debris from the cottage roof and/or eaves troughs to reduce fire risk.
  6. Prepare for extreme weather events — create a family emergency preparedness plan for the cottage.
  7. Assemble a disaster safety kit for your cottage and car.
  8. Talk to your neighbours — plan ahead for emergencies by identifying vulnerable people and potential community volunteers.
  9. Talk to your insurance representative to review your cottage, car, and boat coverage.
  10. Pass along these tips to friends, family and neighbours to make safety a priority getting to and while at the cottage.

Additional Resources to help you Cottage Safety


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